About Alex

Alex Moudiotis, born in 1994, is a Greek artist who graduated from the School of Visual and Applied Arts at Aristotle University, in Thessaloniki. Alexandros is a London-based artist that finds most of his inspiration from the peculiarity of human growth. His work stems from the different perspectives and notions that different phases in human life come with various appreciations towards life. His work, put human forms at the center of his storytelling, by revealing their emotional reflection through sculpture and drawing. Born in Greece, as reminiscent of his origins, his art often revisits Greek Mythology in a way to derive new meanings to everyday activities. His sculpture Hypnos, from Childlike collection (2018) for instance, refers to sleep and its derived perception from a child’s perspective, making the action of sleeping a magical journey to the dreamland. In his art, he models with clay, leading up to the final result with off-concrete or concrete plaster and/or bronze.

Alexandros Moudiotis contemporary Artist