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Who or what got you into making?


Growing up as a kid in Greece, I was always curious to find out the steps of creation. It firstly started off with observing nature, animals, even the way my mum and relatives cook in the kitchen… The curiosity to discover the shores of creativity immediately led me to explore my horizons and I started to draw, sketch and create. 


As a kid, creating gave me a safe space, even a shelter when I wanted to get to know myself a little more. Because when you create on your own it’s all about your heart and initially you firstly need to please yourself.

I would use any material I could find in my immediate environment: mud, soil, clay, wood, paper... The list is endless. It is to those first structures that I owe my creativity and passion for art!

That’s why in my art it is quite often to see different elements being married with one another. A kid and nature, patterns and thoughts, colours and shapes. They all are in interaction for a reason; to provoke thought and perception.


What are your inspirations?


People. It may sound a little generic but I’ve learned almost recently after relocating to London, whom you keep in your life alters and reshapes your approach to many things. I’ve learned in the best possible way that I get inspired by people; they probably don’t notice it but whenever I talk to people sometimes our communication hits that ‘a-ha!’ moment and I am inspired. Musicians, poets, doctors, cooks, especially young children. All sorts of people surprisingly shape my art and inspire me. That’s why I am so excited about bringing my artworks with people via my online shop as it gives me more options to explore this hype even further!


What is your favourite part of the making process?

The surrendering along the way is a precious moment. Most of the time whilst I’m making an artwork, at some point I confront a zone of surrender; this is when the artwork’s own essence takes over and almost speaks to me. There are moments when I have to change my plans and follow the inspiration of the moment. That’s where I explore shutting my ego and approaching the artwork with empathy and sympathy; it’s a tough moment but the rest is such an enjoyable process - I love it.


12 (3).jpg

Which artists or makers would you say have influenced you during your lifetime?


I have been deeply inspired by the Sculptor Auguste René Rodin and other artists of our century like Ronit Baranga and Jurga Martin. Also, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work alongside the artist and my Sculpture Teacher at University Georgios Tsaras that supported me on my art journey so far and I owe him a lot.

Which museums or galleries are your favourite spots for getting inspired?

I love big museums and galleries but I’m a big fan of exploring boutique and smaller galleries too. Big names like Jean-David Malat Gallery and Bermondsey Gallery are probably my top two. White Cube, Tate Modern, Dalston’s BSMT Gallery, there are so many!

Concrete Wall

Where can we find more of your work?

My website is always up to date.  I’m also an active instagram user - say hi to me!

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